11/9/2015 – Under Construction

Dear All,

We’ve recently decided to revamp the company website to try to show more to the customers. In the beginning when we registered this domain name, it’s main purpose was to hold the domain name and use the URL as an email address, and maybe display a little info about the company and our show dates. Customers at the show would always ask us, “Do you have a website?” “Do you sell online?” “Do you have a catalog that we can view online?”

As current market demand, we’ve change the layout of the basic website from a poor setup to another backend called WordPress. It’s our first time and we’re slowly learning the process of managing everything ourselves. Although the learning curve seems quick, we still need a lot of time to post things onto the website. As of right now we’ve got the 2016 calendar upload and a few pictures/products online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.